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  • What type of properties do you appraise?
    Over the past 40 years, we have appraised a wide assortment of properties. We appraise single family homes to large commerical and industrial properties. We have apprasied homes for estates and military bases under the federal base closing program for the Federal Government. We have also appraised everthing in between. As a General Certified Appraiser and MAI, we are qualiifed to do a wide range of property types and we most likely have done what your lookig for.
  • What areas do you cover?
    Our office is based in Middlesex Couty, NJ. We also spent 20 years in Jersey City. Our primary coverage area includes Central and Northern New Jersey. We are licensed in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.
  • Are you a licensed appraiser?
    Yes. All appraisers in our firm are either Certified General Real Appraisers or Certified Residentail Appraisers in New Jersey. Albert F. Chanese is also a Certified General Appraiser in New York and Pennsylvania. Al obtained his license in 1989, the first year licensing was required.
  • Are you a designated MAI or SRA?
    Albert F Chanese and Jennifer Barany both hold the MAI designation. Jennifer Barany and Michael Nwosu hold the SRA designations. The MAI and SRA Designations are awarded by the Appraisal Institute and are the most prestigious designation awarded in the appraisal industry. Appraisers who work to obtain these designations go well beyond the education and training requirements of a typical commercial and residential real estate appraiser.
  • Are you qualified
    Over the past 25 years we have worked on various projects throughout New Jersey. These projects have included the Long Branch Redevelopment including Pier Village, Carteret Redevelopment along Roosevelt Avenue, the Bound Brook and Lincoln Park Flood Control Projects, just to name a few. We have also testified at over 200 commission hearings and in Superior Court for clients with various property types.
  • Why would a person need a home appraisal?
    There are many reasons to obtain an appraisal with the most common reason being real estate and mortgage transactions. Other reasons for ordering an appraisal include: To obtain a loan To establish the replacement cost of insurance To contest high property taxes To settle an estate To provide a negotiating tool when purchasing real estate To determine a reasonable price when selling real estate To protect your rights in a condemnation case A government agency – such as the IRS – may require it If you are involved in a property-related lawsuit

Common questions about our real estate appraisal services.

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