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estate appraisals

appraisal for estates

Filing a tax appeal in new jersey

Commercial Real Estte Appraisers covering New Jersey

New Jersey Realty Advisory Group is a full service real estate appraisal company with over 35 years of experience as an appraiser and over 45 years in the real estate industry

Our Valuation Services Include:

Commercial & Industrial Appraisals

Multi-Family Properties

Mortgage Loan Appraisals

Tideland Appraisals

Open Space/Green Acres
Appraisal Review

Insurable Value Estimates
Retrospective Value
Leased Fee/Leasehold Estates
Estate Planning
Date of Death Appraisal

Conservation Easements

Blue Acres Valuations

SBA Loans

We can provide the following Litigation Support Services:
All Videos

All Videos

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Appraisal Review


Partial Takings

Trial Consulting


For Redevelopment Projects we can help you with:

Eminent Domain
Feasibility Studies
Brown fields Redevelopment

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