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New Jersey Realty Advisory Group is a full service real estate appraisal company with over 35 years of experience as an appraiser and over 45 years in the real estate industry

Our Valuation Services Include:

Commercial & Industrial Appraisals

Multi-Family Properties

Mortgage Loan Appraisals

Tideland Appraisals
Appraisal Review

Insurable Value Estimates
Retrospective Value
Leased Fee/Leasehold Estates
Estate Planning
Date of Death Appraisal

Conservation Easements

Blue Acres Valuations

SBA Loans

We can provide the following Litigation Support Services:

Tax Appeals

Appraisal Review


Partial Takings

Trial Consulting


For Redevelopment Projects we can help you with:

Eminent Domain
Feasibility Studies
Brown fields Redevelopment

About Us

Local knowledge is important in making lending decisions and our staff has been providing that knowledge for over 35 years. We know the local markets and have appraised a variety of properties from single family homes, mixed use buildings, office, industrial and retail centers.


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