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SBA Real Estate Appraisals

New Jersey Realty Advisory Groups provides commercial appraisal services for all types of lending, including SBA loans. Our firm values the real estate only. Other valuation company’s value the business and equipment and we are able to work with these companies to complete you SBA Valuation requirements.

The U.S. Small Business Administration on May 1 issued revised appraisal policies for change-in-ownership transactions involving special-purpose properties. The SBA removed requirements for business valuation credentials and repositioned such scenarios as real property-centric valuation scenarios.​

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Under the revised policies, a lender must obtain an independent appraisal performed by a certified general real property appraiser who has experience appraising the specific business property type in question in situations where a loan financing the acquisition is more than $250,000 or when there is a close relationship between the buyer and the seller and the business operates from a special-purpose property.

  • Each appraiser must, at a minimum, hold the appropriate state certification or license in the state for which the property is located. The SBA and lenders should recognize that many appraisers hold advanced designations from appraisal organizations that exceed the minimum requirements of state certification.

  • Appraisals may not be obtained, ordered by or addressed to a borrower. All appraisals must be obtained directly from a lender or its agent. Appraisals may not be readdressed. It is acceptable to use an appraisal prepared for another lender provided that appraisal meets the new lender’s and SBA guidelines. Appraisals prepared for a mortgage broker are considered to be unacceptable if the broker is considered to be acting on behalf of the borrower and is not a financial lender.

  • All appraisals must comply with the most current USPAP.

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